December 21, 2009

the most absurd, lame-to-the-essst, ridiculous jury vote EVER!!

ok..i need to be clear on this...that Natalie does not deserved the ONE MILLION DOLAR...
the worst jury vote ever in SURVIVOR history!
Natalie winning over Russell? sheesh~ seriously...???
clearly, the audience judged him better...everyone knows Russell owned this game...u just have to admit it..along the series, i've never been this excited..well, in the process of eliminating each and every Galu members, it was kinda predictable...but the final 2 hours was so intensed...n i'm perfectly sure Russell gonna win...well wadda ya know...who would tot that the jury members were sooo because u liked Natalie better and wud rather give her the million dollars..but seriously there is no WAY any of those players can honestly think Natalie played a better game than Russell. as a jury, u shud take that job seriously and vote for THE BEST PLAYER! not some dumbass blond girl...n poor vote for him..n i was shocked..what were they thinking?
arghh! i'm soo pissed off!

the end of Survivor Samoa and it ends badly..
no doubt, u are the true champion Russ...u r the SOLE matter how sneaky u r, full of lies, cheat and stealing..but u played it hard, u r the mastermind, the puppet master, the King and they just jealous because u r too damn good..period!

December 16, 2009

Avatar Madness!!! again... >.<

i can't wait for the upcoming movie..entitled The Last Airbender..It is the first part of a planned movie trilogy adapting the three seasons of the series. tapi lame lagi la...hehe..2010 baru tayang..

however....macam kecewa sebentar dengan cast members movie ni...*sigh*

weird~ this kid looks nothing like Aang... =( Aang is wayyyy cuter than this..maybe he cud try to smile a bit..because Aang always smiling in the TV-show..

urghh~another dissapointment...Zuko supposed to be Hawt! n fairer and his eye should be squinted a little bit, on his scar. His scar needs to be darker....and, he needs to have shorter hair or at least a pony tail like in the series! n u are too old Dev Patel! n Zuko is only 16 years old...=.='

Sokka~urmm...i don really care how he looks like..haha..this actor is from Twilight..but i dunno which one...because Twilight is sooo boring and n i don freakin care bout that movie anyway..

she needs a tan if she ever gonna play Katara and she should be wearing blue or red not brown..she's too WHITE.. sigh~

but the movie trailer was awesome!
can't wait for the real thing..hopefully it will not be another piece of shit by M.Night Shyamalan..

xboleh tahan cite Lady In the Water..
directed by the same person who created this movie..
jangan kecewakan aku please~ >.<

Avatar Madness!!! woohooo!! >.<

i'm overjoyed! finished watching all three chapters of Avatar:The Last Airbender aka The Legend of Aang~complete 61 episodes in only 5 days(it tooks me longer time to download the series rather than watching it)!! woo hoo!

at first, i thought it's merely a cartoon show..ade la tgk few times dekat Nickelodeon..
boo me~!! nothing cud ever stop a spinal reflex i click next episode after another..baha~ =p
the greatesttt, splendid..indescribable..beyond words (ok..ok...too much) (ooh..ohh..One Piece is still my favourite-est) master piece!!

the series is all about the journey and adventures of Aang and his defeat Fire Lord Ozai n restore the balance of the World n bring peace to all four nations Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, Water Tribes and Fire Nation~ Within each nation exists an order called "Benders" who have the ability to manipulate the elements of their nation. how i wish to be a firebender like My beloved Zuko~!!! whooshh! hee.. =)

My super Hot (literally) Fire Nation crown Prince...Prince ZUKO~!! *melt*

Bald bad boy Zuko hehe~ my latest anime boyfriend...

Aang...Mr Baldie no 2~ i have no reason to hate him...he's just too cute~!

This is the opening script on each episode...

"water, earth, fire, air... Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all 4 elements could stop them but when the world needed him the most, he vanished. 100 years past, and my brother and i discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang and although his airbending skills were great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save anyone. but i believe Aang can save the world!!"

it's like a verbal diarrhea to me...haha~
oh-emm-geee~ i'm your no 1 fan!!

December 15, 2009


hate it when people simply barge into my territory..

of all places....why u choose mine?

maybe it sounds too selfish but i don't like sharing with u guys especially the one who doesn't really know how to tone down and acting-innocent-konon2-cute~!!

read my lips.. BACK OFF!!

bloody hell~ sheesh..

n...stupid internet connection too~lembab!! or is it lembap? urgh..whatever!

December 12, 2009

Incubation period

uishh...banyaknye sawang ngan sarang labah2 kat blog nih..behabuk..
satu kemalasan utk menghapdet~

tangguh tangguh tangguh...
last2 dah hari sabtu...

promise xakan tangguh lagi.....

erk..!wait a minute...this is my last case write up lagi yang tinggal untuk di tangguhkan...?

satu penyesalan yang amat sangat.... =.='

a question has been thrown....

in this stage, do u still take weekend as a brief relief? or u take weekend as a straight 2 days for u to read wad u should read?

(quoted from KSS)

only 5 months the ULTIMATUM..not to spoil ur weekend mood tho...but really need to think about it...hurmm... the end...u know u need to study study study after all...
no more excuses~

whining 2.36 in the morning...
i better get some sleep...
before i'm goin GaGa n sing rah-rah-rah-ah-ah, mummah-romama, GaGa oh la la...

November 14, 2009


immediate action..
1. rearrange my bookshelf...korek2 buku medicine n simpan buku OnG..
2. tangkap gamba berukuran passport... =) nak wat passport...nak melancong Jepun..
3. get my haircut...
4. tgk 2012!!!
5. buy groceries..n junk food..
6. basuh baju..
7. shopping~!
8. download every series every week...Grey's, Gossip Girl, Heroes, ANTM, Survivor Samoa, House, One piece...n of course tengok sampai lebam!

boleh tangguh lagi..
1. study.. eheh~
2. lepas Medicine n Surgery exams
3. n of course professional exam!

1. get the title MD..Dr. Amy Suzanna...wah!
2. after grad or after dah banyak duet trip to JAPAN~!!!
3. kawen..lame lagi nih~jgn risau...
4. bahagiakan Mama and Abah selagi hayat dikandung badan....

Specially dedicated to BFF MEL chan!!

Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan Melissa Rina...
Allah selamatkan kamu (omlayu)

Selamat ulangtahun
Selamat ulangtahun
Selamat ulangtahun ke-23 Mel...
Selamat ulangatahun (indon..xsedap lak panggil omindon XD)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Melissa Rina....
Happy birthday to you (omputeh)

Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le Melissa Rina....
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le (cino)

omedettou tanjoubi gozaimasu!!
saegil chuka-haeyo!!

wish u all da best lah sayang~~

Cool Icon&Emoticon

the MOST traumatic EOP ever...

finally....the exam fever is over..for now~2 more to go...Medicine and Surgery... toughest postings for a medical student i tell ya'..haish~

A lesson to learn from o&g not not leave even a chapter from ur all..from page to page...because they can ask anything everything!! n never study last minute (every time pun macam ni..tapi last minute jugak.. XD)

My long case was with Dr Nicky..trauma la...hish....ya..i admit...the case that i get was so freakin easy....Hyperemesis gravidarum!!! muntah mase pregnant...!! kan senang tu...tapi dah xbace topic tu...bodo la jadinye...

i cudn't answer simple questions that he brain stop functioning...made me talking nonsense, rubbish!! n he warned me " i hardly failed students, but in ur case, i dunno.." adoi...sape yg xcuak kalo examiner dah cakap macam tu mase korang belum lagi habis exam.. ='(
i know he tried so hard to help me different kind of situations not related to my patient...but once u r mental block..nothing can save u..seriously!!

i cried the whole day...disappointed n frustrated with myself...being so stupid out there..talking crap..irritating the examiner (which is a NO-NO.. ur examiner is the one u need to pleased the most)...start to lose hope...the word FAIL keep spinning round n round...i cudn't rest or far as i know...this is the crappiest long case everrr...
padahal ade 2 paper lagi ni....

but Allah help me get thru with it...n mama, b n my frens gave their fullest was indeed the usual post-OnG clinical exam stress syndrome...
quotes of the day
::"i sure die,die,die one"::
::"if u failed, dun worry..u have me to teman u.."::
::"he dun simply failed people one.."::
::"dun sad liao...need to do better tomorrow..ganbatte~"::
n i tried soo hard to focus on next paper..alhamdulillah~alhamdulillah~alhamdulillah~ everything ends well.....result nnt..if borderline pass pun xkisah...xmintak lebih ya Allah...asal pass....

yup, anything can happen in exam...n u need to learn from your mistakes..because it makes u a better Doctor..n a better person indeed...

n to Dr Nic...i will meet u again someday..but by that time, Dr Amy Suzanna will be the next kicked-ass Obstetric & Gynaecology specialist..Insyaallah~ the time will come...

October 25, 2009


Mlm nie....sgt tiade mood to study...
padahal elok je duk kat meje mule2...
suddenly, tedenga ade 1 mamat ni jerit kuat gile sampai 1 kolej bole denga.. GOaLLLLLLL!
aisey, bola la...slango lwn ganu..

mcm tepanggil la plak nk tgk...xde2.thn dulu..
last2...xble jadi...kene shiok la plak..

last2...slango kalah daaa...klh penalty 5-4..pasal ade 1 player yg xreti sumbat gol penalty...yg coach diorg pi letak defender shoot penalty watpe?? wadehek!

isk2..there goes the trophy...4 years in a row slango is the champion..but not this year..xpela..maybe next season..
arghhh..pasal ni aku xde mood nak study...bole x??

mmg bwk bale betul..everytm aku tgk sports...any kind of yg aku support mesti kalah..lenkali mls nk tgk dah!~~ *sigh*

p/s-palpitations truk gile time penalty tu...heart rate: 110 bpm...
p/p/s-ade ke cite pasal bola plak... =p
p/p/p/s-ok least xbute sukan...haha~

Gergasi kalah ngan Penyu akhirnya.....

October 13, 2009

PMS talking..

i dunno whether u gonna read this or not..

but seriously...don't break another heart u selfish brat..egocentric S.O.B !!

u don't deserve a happy ending...the way u do me is a damn crime..

rot in hell !!

that's all i'm sayin..

Happy 16th birthday Adik..

Scrapbook at
Photo Tinks by

adik...i wish everything that u wish for urself..
be a good girl and have a blessed and blast birthday...
~love u with all my heart~

October 7, 2009

special birthday present from my dear sister..

she has been practicing for a month for this song to dedicate it specially for my birthday..
she said "bile along blk rumah next month, iya mesti dah pandai main lagu ni..kire ni birthday present lah..haha.. :p" n she fullfilled her sweet~
both of my sister attend keyboard lessons just recently and they actually are beginners..but the song she played is level 4 difficulty and i think she plays it very well... soo jealous because mom send them for keyboard i wish i cud turn back be young again n learn any musical instrument..anything will do..but i prefer piano lah kan...or maybe guitar..i think i'm a bit old to learn 'em now (otak dah karat n tgn pun dah keras XD) n i have no time since i'm so faraway from home n busy with studies n stuff...

anyway....for future planning...maybe..maybe i'll take guitar lesson mase cuti after grad...tu pun kalau sempat n all ends well..insyaallah~ XD

so...enjoy~~ Canon by Alya Sarah....

there r still some off-key, off-tunes here n there n suare atem (my cat) meow2 yg sgt menyebok..
but still i am soo proud of her.. =)) *clap2*

September 27, 2009

Raya!! Raya!! Raya!!

this year~raya gempak betul...haha
xpenah2 raye kat KL...but because my grandparents ade kat 1st day raye di rumah la gamaknye...but still great...mama beselah...masak macam2...sampai senak perut dibuatnye...
seperti bese..pose turn 4kg...1st day raye dah naik blk 6kg...wuwuwu T.T

haa...xcaye?tgk baru separuh meje...

after dah solat raye...salam mintak ampun..pakai baju raye cantik2...pastu ape la beraye...

dah ready nak raye ni... =)

opie ngn bella pun nak raye jugak kan cayang~~kiutttt....

tgk maktok and makteh pun ade skali singgah umah makngah pulak...

makteh n anak2 with my dear grnadma..

~iya n adik(ala2 datuk Ct gitu)~

~dearest mommy n daddy~

iya n abah..

the next day baru lah dapt beraye kat kampung..negeri sembilan...jumpe atok belah sane pulak...

us with Atok..

pas dah kenyang mkn kat umah umah maklong...pastu makan lagi kat umah makngah...adeh...pecah perut taw...
Menu : gulai nenas ikan masin + sambal colek tempoyak + sayo pucok ubi + bakso + mee kari
no typical raya dishes...tu yg best raye kat kampung.. bosan gak kan mkn rendang+nasi impit+kuah kacang je...skali skale tuka slere anak tekak...

posing2 together...petandingan mkn pisang.. XD

raya ke-3..baraye kat Felda Pasoh...mama nak jumpe sedare lame yg dah lame gel xjumpe..hurmmm..yg xbestnye temuntah la pulak... XD jalan die mcm roller coaster..uwekk~ so xde mud nak camwhoring~ =(

raya ke-4...beraye di umah bakal mak mentua pulak...eheh...teman "mak" soping barang2 masak..ehem2..cuak nye laa..huhu...mlm nye bru la majlis makan2..ade ke soh tolong masak..nak siang ikan pun xreti..kantoi di situ~ XD
pun xsempat begambar..penat mkn...

raya ke-5...besoping2an ngn b terchenta...best2...50-80% sale everywhere..
beli la ape2 yg patut... mlmnye...bella ajak makan2 kat umah die...reunion kecil2an ngan dak2 Amanah tersayang~winduu...

raye house umah kite la pulak.... =))
pade sume yg dtg..tenkiu so muchh....yg xdpt dtg tu xpe2 next year okeh?pade yg x dijemput tu year leh jemput...tinggalkan no tepon anda... =)
muncung pun datang taw~ lalala...terubat rindu....5 taun xjumpe...

mereke dan mereke lagi....

penat nye la hai melayan tetamu..mlmnye family punye turn pulak...siang2 rakan taulan n jiran tetangge...meriah2...kesimpulannye...raye tahun ni memang Gempak~! raya sakan.. =))

tup tup..hari dah hari Ahad...demn...have to go back to Kuching...dengan rutin yg amat membosankan....haih...~
anyway...sekarang dah selamat berade di Kuching...
homesick dah~wuwuwu... T.T

but all in all....cuti ni sgt best!!!~~ like like like...!!!

September 21, 2009

14th September 2009

this entry supposedly shud be posted long time ago...huhuhu

date : 14-09-09 @ my birthday~!!
location : Mr ROgers House of Chicken

~me n my triple layer cake~

~ with my sweethearts ~

~ yummylicious cakey ~

thanks korg for a wonderful surprise..

haih~every year pun kene tipu...haha
but i love surprises~!! year dapat lagi celebrate same2 macam ni lagi? T.T
i miss u guys already......

September 20, 2009

ready set n go~

i really miss writing...
maternity ward duties gimme headache, backache, eye-bag, muscle pain and i had no time to blog...n usually i spent the spare time wisely to SLeep~

however..i had plenty of time now..because its RAYA oliday..n i think tis is our last time to have a so-called-long-holidays (actually for Medical student..1 week holidays its already considered longggg!!) n i wanna blog till drop~ XD

i will never leave u behind ginger..

but got to go now~ Opps...later sambung in new post~

love love ^.^

September 12, 2009

~OBGYN posting~

actually i've already started for 2 weeks...
my 1st maternity was terrifying...everyday we need to face Dr Nicky...walao~!
palpitations, stress diarrhea, nauseated...seriously..u can feel the vomitus at the back of ur throat..haha..the workload increased~from relaxing n holiday-ing mood in paed posting...
now,need to wake up early for ward rounds, clerking patients everyday because of high turnover rate in maternity ward...patient came in with contraction pain, later she beranak already after 10-12 hours...then discharged..a new patient came in the next u have to clerk again..u have no time to study...or even having a descent sleep...MyEm0.Com
hurmm....this is what i'll be facing later as a doctor.. *sigh*no turning back~

currently, posted in maternity 2...urmm..not bad...but i think i miss maternity 1 more...the aircond, the nurses, MO's and HO's... except for the (he is gender-bias...which is so obvious..when guys gave stupid answer also he said VERY GOOD!)

haih~next week will be my last week in Maternity and later rotate to Labour ward pulak...yay~

i have a lot to cover...(Wednesday~will be having a session with gender-bias Nicky..DIE!)

till next time...daa~smuax!~

oh oh....looking forward for Hari Raya holidays~


seriously? SERIOUSLY?
urgghh~if i ignored u...n keep on rejecting your friend request....itu adalah kerana I DUNNO who the hell are U.. so,pls dun keep on requesting to be in my friendlists..

what's wrong with these people nowadays..

if we had plenty mutual friends..then i guess i can consider it but if it's just a plain "hai...leh kenal?"
or "add me pls~i want to reach 500 friends" WTH?

so all in all....the attitude is simply a no-no to me...

penat taw hari2 nk reject~

p/s : special case scenario~ if u have sorority life account then u r most welcome to be my friends(because later i can delete u after u r officialy in my House.. *wink*)

September 4, 2009

A series of abandonment...

dear ginger...

wah! lame gel xhapdate...anyway, been seriously busy since last entry...
end of paediatric exam, short de-stressing holiday at home and starting new O&G (momma mengandung) posting...attached in maternity ward...frankly nak pengsan je rase..isk3...have to endure this for another 2 weeks...please God help me..

so..ape lah yg latest skrg...lets see...hmm..

oo yee....jeng jeng jeng....

my new lappy~~ Hp Pavilion dv3..haha..i'm a fan of Hp...xtergode dah ngan brand yang lain..tq mama for the birthday present (in advance)...ngehehe~ ^____^ maximum happiness!!

oh oh...n new collection of ONE PIECE figurines...kya~!! XD
(xkan ade org yg phm betape gilenye membazirkan duit beli bende alah nie...kecuali mel ngn b.. =p)

my chibi-nakama~kawaiii..~~
bought them mase blk KL..pegi cari merate ni..penat jalan...dah la puase...tired but satisfied!
got really big size Luffy-teddy...tapi mahal gel..RM130 kot..xsanggup..tapi kalau chopper xpela..hehe.Must BUY!!~

bigger beli kat Sarawak...impulsively..
i saw the same thingy kat Kl..30 je..menyesal betol bli kat Swak lah~sheessh!

currently in a very semangat mode to study..because of that Dr Nicky (nickname baru) the malignant SGH ObGyn specialist..worst that Dr Annuar..true2! the rolling-eyes..true2!can't tahan!!
wahlau! stress~cepat2 lah tukar ward...double-sigh"
now i really understand all the rumors bout tat guy..well said by the previous batch~
good luck to all of us...
till then...

ja ne~ =)