October 25, 2009


Mlm nie....sgt tiade mood to study...
padahal elok je duk kat meje mule2...
suddenly, tedenga ade 1 mamat ni jerit kuat gile sampai 1 kolej bole denga.. GOaLLLLLLL!
aisey, bola la...slango lwn ganu..

mcm tepanggil la plak nk tgk...xde2.thn dulu..
last2...xble jadi...kene tgk..cam shiok la plak..

last2...slango kalah daaa...klh penalty 5-4..pasal ade 1 player yg xreti sumbat gol penalty...yg coach diorg pi letak defender shoot penalty watpe?? wadehek!

isk2..there goes the trophy...4 years in a row slango is the champion..but not this year..xpela..maybe next season..
arghhh..pasal ni aku xde mood nak study...bole x??

mmg bwk bale betul..everytm aku tgk sports...any kind of sports..team yg aku support mesti kalah..lenkali mls nk tgk dah!~~ *sigh*

p/s-palpitations truk gile time penalty tu...heart rate: 110 bpm...
p/p/s-ade ke cite pasal bola plak... =p
p/p/p/s-ok what....at least xbute sukan...haha~

Gergasi kalah ngan Penyu akhirnya.....

October 13, 2009

PMS talking..

i dunno whether u gonna read this or not..

but seriously...don't break another heart u selfish brat..egocentric S.O.B !!

u don't deserve a happy ending...the way u do me is a damn crime..

rot in hell !!

that's all i'm sayin..

Happy 16th birthday Adik..

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adik...i wish everything that u wish for urself..
be a good girl and have a blessed and blast birthday...
~love u with all my heart~

October 7, 2009

special birthday present from my dear sister..

she has been practicing for a month for this song to dedicate it specially for my birthday..
she said "bile along blk rumah next month, iya mesti dah pandai main lagu ni..kire ni birthday present lah..haha.. :p" n she fullfilled her promise..how sweet~
both of my sister attend keyboard lessons just recently and they actually are beginners..but the song she played is level 4 difficulty and i think she plays it very well... soo jealous because mom send them for keyboard lesson...how i wish i cud turn back time...to be young again n learn any musical instrument..anything will do..but i prefer piano lah kan...or maybe guitar..i think i'm a bit old to learn 'em now (otak dah karat n tgn pun dah keras XD) n i have no time since i'm so faraway from home n busy with studies n stuff...

anyway....for future planning...maybe..maybe i'll take guitar lesson mase cuti after grad...tu pun kalau sempat n all ends well..insyaallah~ XD

so...enjoy~~ Canon by Alya Sarah....

there r still some off-key, off-tunes here n there n suare atem (my cat) meow2 yg sgt menyebok..
but still i am soo proud of her.. =)) *clap2*