November 14, 2009


immediate action..
1. rearrange my bookshelf...korek2 buku medicine n simpan buku OnG..
2. tangkap gamba berukuran passport... =) nak wat passport...nak melancong Jepun..
3. get my haircut...
4. tgk 2012!!!
5. buy groceries..n junk food..
6. basuh baju..
7. shopping~!
8. download every series every week...Grey's, Gossip Girl, Heroes, ANTM, Survivor Samoa, House, One piece...n of course tengok sampai lebam!

boleh tangguh lagi..
1. study.. eheh~
2. lepas Medicine n Surgery exams
3. n of course professional exam!

1. get the title MD..Dr. Amy Suzanna...wah!
2. after grad or after dah banyak duet trip to JAPAN~!!!
3. kawen..lame lagi nih~jgn risau...
4. bahagiakan Mama and Abah selagi hayat dikandung badan....

Specially dedicated to BFF MEL chan!!

Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan Melissa Rina...
Allah selamatkan kamu (omlayu)

Selamat ulangtahun
Selamat ulangtahun
Selamat ulangtahun ke-23 Mel...
Selamat ulangatahun (indon..xsedap lak panggil omindon XD)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Melissa Rina....
Happy birthday to you (omputeh)

Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le Melissa Rina....
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le (cino)

omedettou tanjoubi gozaimasu!!
saegil chuka-haeyo!!

wish u all da best lah sayang~~

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the MOST traumatic EOP ever...

finally....the exam fever is over..for now~2 more to go...Medicine and Surgery... toughest postings for a medical student i tell ya'..haish~

A lesson to learn from o&g not not leave even a chapter from ur all..from page to page...because they can ask anything everything!! n never study last minute (every time pun macam ni..tapi last minute jugak.. XD)

My long case was with Dr Nicky..trauma la...hish....ya..i admit...the case that i get was so freakin easy....Hyperemesis gravidarum!!! muntah mase pregnant...!! kan senang tu...tapi dah xbace topic tu...bodo la jadinye...

i cudn't answer simple questions that he brain stop functioning...made me talking nonsense, rubbish!! n he warned me " i hardly failed students, but in ur case, i dunno.." adoi...sape yg xcuak kalo examiner dah cakap macam tu mase korang belum lagi habis exam.. ='(
i know he tried so hard to help me different kind of situations not related to my patient...but once u r mental block..nothing can save u..seriously!!

i cried the whole day...disappointed n frustrated with myself...being so stupid out there..talking crap..irritating the examiner (which is a NO-NO.. ur examiner is the one u need to pleased the most)...start to lose hope...the word FAIL keep spinning round n round...i cudn't rest or far as i know...this is the crappiest long case everrr...
padahal ade 2 paper lagi ni....

but Allah help me get thru with it...n mama, b n my frens gave their fullest was indeed the usual post-OnG clinical exam stress syndrome...
quotes of the day
::"i sure die,die,die one"::
::"if u failed, dun worry..u have me to teman u.."::
::"he dun simply failed people one.."::
::"dun sad liao...need to do better tomorrow..ganbatte~"::
n i tried soo hard to focus on next paper..alhamdulillah~alhamdulillah~alhamdulillah~ everything ends well.....result nnt..if borderline pass pun xkisah...xmintak lebih ya Allah...asal pass....

yup, anything can happen in exam...n u need to learn from your mistakes..because it makes u a better Doctor..n a better person indeed...

n to Dr Nic...i will meet u again someday..but by that time, Dr Amy Suzanna will be the next kicked-ass Obstetric & Gynaecology specialist..Insyaallah~ the time will come...