December 21, 2009

the most absurd, lame-to-the-essst, ridiculous jury vote EVER!!

ok..i need to be clear on this...that Natalie does not deserved the ONE MILLION DOLAR...
the worst jury vote ever in SURVIVOR history!
Natalie winning over Russell? sheesh~ seriously...???
clearly, the audience judged him better...everyone knows Russell owned this game...u just have to admit it..along the series, i've never been this excited..well, in the process of eliminating each and every Galu members, it was kinda predictable...but the final 2 hours was so intensed...n i'm perfectly sure Russell gonna win...well wadda ya know...who would tot that the jury members were sooo because u liked Natalie better and wud rather give her the million dollars..but seriously there is no WAY any of those players can honestly think Natalie played a better game than Russell. as a jury, u shud take that job seriously and vote for THE BEST PLAYER! not some dumbass blond girl...n poor vote for him..n i was shocked..what were they thinking?
arghh! i'm soo pissed off!

the end of Survivor Samoa and it ends badly..
no doubt, u are the true champion Russ...u r the SOLE matter how sneaky u r, full of lies, cheat and stealing..but u played it hard, u r the mastermind, the puppet master, the King and they just jealous because u r too damn good..period!

December 16, 2009

Avatar Madness!!! again... >.<

i can't wait for the upcoming movie..entitled The Last Airbender..It is the first part of a planned movie trilogy adapting the three seasons of the series. tapi lame lagi la...hehe..2010 baru tayang..

however....macam kecewa sebentar dengan cast members movie ni...*sigh*

weird~ this kid looks nothing like Aang... =( Aang is wayyyy cuter than this..maybe he cud try to smile a bit..because Aang always smiling in the TV-show..

urghh~another dissapointment...Zuko supposed to be Hawt! n fairer and his eye should be squinted a little bit, on his scar. His scar needs to be darker....and, he needs to have shorter hair or at least a pony tail like in the series! n u are too old Dev Patel! n Zuko is only 16 years old...=.='

Sokka~urmm...i don really care how he looks like..haha..this actor is from Twilight..but i dunno which one...because Twilight is sooo boring and n i don freakin care bout that movie anyway..

she needs a tan if she ever gonna play Katara and she should be wearing blue or red not brown..she's too WHITE.. sigh~

but the movie trailer was awesome!
can't wait for the real thing..hopefully it will not be another piece of shit by M.Night Shyamalan..

xboleh tahan cite Lady In the Water..
directed by the same person who created this movie..
jangan kecewakan aku please~ >.<

Avatar Madness!!! woohooo!! >.<

i'm overjoyed! finished watching all three chapters of Avatar:The Last Airbender aka The Legend of Aang~complete 61 episodes in only 5 days(it tooks me longer time to download the series rather than watching it)!! woo hoo!

at first, i thought it's merely a cartoon show..ade la tgk few times dekat Nickelodeon..
boo me~!! nothing cud ever stop a spinal reflex i click next episode after another..baha~ =p
the greatesttt, splendid..indescribable..beyond words (ok..ok...too much) (ooh..ohh..One Piece is still my favourite-est) master piece!!

the series is all about the journey and adventures of Aang and his defeat Fire Lord Ozai n restore the balance of the World n bring peace to all four nations Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, Water Tribes and Fire Nation~ Within each nation exists an order called "Benders" who have the ability to manipulate the elements of their nation. how i wish to be a firebender like My beloved Zuko~!!! whooshh! hee.. =)

My super Hot (literally) Fire Nation crown Prince...Prince ZUKO~!! *melt*

Bald bad boy Zuko hehe~ my latest anime boyfriend...

Aang...Mr Baldie no 2~ i have no reason to hate him...he's just too cute~!

This is the opening script on each episode...

"water, earth, fire, air... Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all 4 elements could stop them but when the world needed him the most, he vanished. 100 years past, and my brother and i discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang and although his airbending skills were great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save anyone. but i believe Aang can save the world!!"

it's like a verbal diarrhea to me...haha~
oh-emm-geee~ i'm your no 1 fan!!

December 15, 2009


hate it when people simply barge into my territory..

of all places....why u choose mine?

maybe it sounds too selfish but i don't like sharing with u guys especially the one who doesn't really know how to tone down and acting-innocent-konon2-cute~!!

read my lips.. BACK OFF!!

bloody hell~ sheesh..

n...stupid internet connection too~lembab!! or is it lembap? urgh..whatever!

December 12, 2009

Incubation period

uishh...banyaknye sawang ngan sarang labah2 kat blog nih..behabuk..
satu kemalasan utk menghapdet~

tangguh tangguh tangguh...
last2 dah hari sabtu...

promise xakan tangguh lagi.....

erk..!wait a minute...this is my last case write up lagi yang tinggal untuk di tangguhkan...?

satu penyesalan yang amat sangat.... =.='

a question has been thrown....

in this stage, do u still take weekend as a brief relief? or u take weekend as a straight 2 days for u to read wad u should read?

(quoted from KSS)

only 5 months the ULTIMATUM..not to spoil ur weekend mood tho...but really need to think about it...hurmm... the end...u know u need to study study study after all...
no more excuses~

whining 2.36 in the morning...
i better get some sleep...
before i'm goin GaGa n sing rah-rah-rah-ah-ah, mummah-romama, GaGa oh la la...