May 26, 2010


yayay~ i have a passport~ happy xhingat... XD
1st time nak jalan luar pade malaysia...padahal singapore je kot..hahaks~eip...still over-the-sea ok.. =))

can't wait to visit singapore! people pack ur bags and belongings! lets enjoy to the max~~!!!

tapi fulusnya nggak ada dong~ T.T daddy...lend me some money plss~ wanna go shopping..

az~jumpe u di sane k.. *wink* ^.^


dapat bunge haritu..surprise~!from b-chan...terharu!

*honk*, india mane lak ni? ohoho~die anta bunge laaaa.... wee~! perasan sebentar..sape plak nak kasi ni..konon2..

"welcome home honey & congratulations" auww...sweet..... =)

thank you sayang~
xpenah2 dpt bunge..terase special.. =))

May 14, 2010

it's finally over.. =)

sweet moment~ the day we got our M.Ds..
hip hip horray!!!

ya Allah..aku panjatkan kesyukuran yang teramat tinggi pada-Mu ya Tuhan..Alhamdulillah di atas kurniaan-Mu ini..'s official...i'm only an average student who barely pass my clinical exam..somehow He gave me finish it with victory...
n from now on i am officially Dr Amy Suzanna...

owh..saye sgt populer dan terkenal sebagai "ha!mane budak nanges tu?" among all the lecturers and external examiners..boohoo T.T couldn't hold the tears because i was too stressed out when i have to sit for viva felt like the end of the world..i have no chance graduating together with my friends...what went wrong?? i thought i did well in my short cases..n long case i know it was not so good but i managed to reach up to management..that time..only God knows how i feel..embarrassed, sad,'s all mixed up...why me??
it was excruciatingly painful waiting for my turn...i was praying so hard to get nice examiners this time..
when Dr Chan (beloved orthopaedic surgeon) and Dr Wong (radiologist) called my name..i was so nervous and couldn't breathe..hyperventilating and black out for few seconds and nearly fainted..they were so worried...and then came Prof Hafiz (ortho surgeon from UIA)..he asked me to relax a bit..he said my brain need a lot of oxygen to answer his questions later...gosh! but he was sooo kind n i'm so thankful having him as my examiner...thank u so much prof..

sape cakap dapat ortho case senang?? sape ckp Prof Pan xakan failkan org eventho die baik gile? salah sendiri juge..xsentuh langsung buku ortho the night before long case...terlampau yakin xakan dpt ortho..sekali..hamek ko..Avascular Necrosis...adoi~ =S

pheww~papepon...alhamdulillah...pass juge akhirnye..i'm not a top student...but am still a doctor.. next stop~ HO...MO...then...MRCP? MRCS? MRCOG? huhu~ long way to go but still..
start low..go slow..aim high!!

ade hikmah nye sume ni...aku dapat rasekan yang Allah sangat dekat dalam diri..hopefully i'm capable enough to be a good and safe doctor~ amin..

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah~

boleh start packing barang dah.. (^.^)

May 5, 2010

end of theory exam...

hurm...habis dah theory paper tadi..adeh~ not so good la..stress..SANGAT~!!
OSCE sgt susah...MyEm0.Com
MCQ & BAQ byk salah...MyEm0.Com silly mistakes...rase dah betul jwpn tu...pegi tuka pulak.. mcm inadequate sgt knowledge dlm pale otak ni...hish~geram!!!
kenape bile bace2..xingat..or...tau diagnosis tapi xtau treatment...faham x perasaan macam tu?faham x??? ishh~

next week is the real deal..CLINICAL EXAM...long case then short cases..the scariest part of our exam...anything can happen that time..dapat patient yg xtau pape pasal disease die kene korek history till kerak bumi! n sumtimes..if lucky dapat patient educated sikit..history complete A-Z..know their medications, treatment given by doctors previously etc..owh, n in PROF EXAM of course la we have no idea at all case ape yg akan dapat..sheesh~ camne ni? camne???? takuttttt~~~ xmo repeat 6 months sorg2... =(

please dear friends..doakan kiteorg sume lulus exam ni ok...nnt bagi consultation free of charge! =) nak soh sambut baby bile nak beranak pun bole...

ya Allah...takuttttt sgt... takuttt... mcm mane kalo dapat Dr. F**d Penguin tu??? how? how? dun wan~!
moge Allah permudah kan jalan..Amin ya rabbal alamin...